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    Show message when no data is available

    Robertino Bonora

      Hello guys i have the following question, in my current dashboard i have 4 quick filters that filter a worksheet that is an Excel icon that i use to download information from Tableau Server. The problem is that when i select any value from the 4 filters but there is no information for those four values (or when i do not select any value in a filter for example) the icon image disappears as it has no information to show. Is it possible to add perhaps another sheet in a horizontal container so that when there is no information for these 4 filters and the icon disappears, a message like "No information exists" is displayed?



      How could I accomplish this with a calculated field?


      Thank you!



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          Joe Oppelt

          I handle this by putting a text message that says "No Data To Display" floated UNDER the sheet the user sees.


          For instance:



          This selection generates no rows.


          But the following selection does:



          My action sheet shows the number of rows selected by the various filters and parameters, and when the user clicks on that "rows Selected" sheet, the action gets triggered.


          At one point I just had an Excel icon there, but some selection criteria generated output files with too many rows.  So I changed it to this approach, and the user knows whether or not he wants to generate a file with that many rows.

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            Joe Oppelt

            FYI, the "No rows Selected" text box is always displayed, but my download sheet hides it if there are any rows selected because that sheet floats on top of the text box.