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    Changing markers on scatter plots

    Caroline Sempere

      I have 3 scatter plots with the same x-axis but different y-axis.  Each point corresponds to an electronic device and is labeled accordingly so that when I click on one point the related points of that same device on the other graph are highlighted. However, I want to add another distinguishing feature. I'd like to identify whether a device is wireless, not wireless or has both capabilities and I'd like to do so by using a point marker with a circle with the left half-filled, a circle with the right half-filled and a filled in circle.  If the shapes are too difficult to change I can use some more typical ones like a square or triangle.  I am having the most trouble with grouping a set of points that are wireless and then only changing the marker on those points.


      If anyone has suggestions on how I can select several points in a graph and change those types of markers I would greatly appreciate it!!