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    Table % difference calculation does not work when there are no values in the first month's fields - Why?/One filter instead of two?/Data doesn't change no matter the filter selection?


      Workbook Version 10.5 attached




      I have three main problems:


      1) RED I have a workbook that on the Summary by Examiner page (second dashboard), I find some % calculations do not display when the first month of a two month comparison has no values.  I looked at the calculation and it's using zn for the lookup (ex: (ZN(COUNTD([Claim Number])) - LOOKUP(ZN(COUNTD([Claim Number])), -1)) / ABS(LOOKUP(ZN(COUNTD([Claim Number])), -1)) from Overall New Claims % by Examiner sheet.  How do I fix this calculation


      2) PURPLE I inherited the workbook design from someone else and I have to use two different filters to display all the stats but the examiner's Closing Ratio.  Is there a way to only use the top right corner filter for everything?


      3) BLUE Only one examiner has a litigated claim but that area displays the same (1 claim) no matter which examiner filter selection is chosen. 


      Examiner Summary Problems.png


      Any and all help would be most appreciated.  Thank you.