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    Tableau Admin Virtual User Group: August 31 - Recording now available

    Jordan Scott

      The recording from the August 31 Tableau Admin Virtual User Group is now available here: Tableau Admin Virtual User Group 8:31 - YouTube


      Thanks to Tamas Foldi and Jeff Strauss for an awesome session and to Mark Wu for organizing!

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          Mark Wu

          I love Jeff Strauss's innovative approach to share Python server with multiple business groups within the company so each business group will not overlay each other's Python code/libraries - there is cool automation process we can all leverage giving the limitation of one Tableau server connecting to one Python or R server only today.


          I also love Tamas Foldi's demo about Tableau Extensions - new feature released in 2018.2. Tamas also shared a undocumented command to disable or enable Tableau Extensions on Desktop. I am trying the command here for everyone's convienance (it is at recording 57.55 minutes)

          For Desktop 2018.2 on Mac, use Terminal:

          • cd  /Users/yourusername/Library/Preferences (where yourusername is your own username of Mac)
          • defaults write com.tableau.Tableau-2018.2 Debug.FeatureOverrideOff Extensions  ( turn Extensions off)
          • defaults write com.tableau.Tableau-2018.2 Debug.FeatureOverrideOn Extensions  (turn Extensions on) Updated on 10/17/18: This command does not work well. The following line works better.
          • defaults delete com.tableau.Tableau-2018.2 Debug.FeatureOverrideOff ( turn Extensions On)


          For Desktop 2018.2 on Windows, Debug.FeatureOverridgeOff registry key must set to "Extensions" in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Tableau\Tableau<version>


          Thank you very much Jeff and Tamas for your awesome presentations and willingness of sharing your learnings with other Tableau fans. Thank you Jordan Scott as behind the scene hero for the event.

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            Jeff Strauss

            thank you Jordan Scott and Mark Wu for coordinating the server admin webinars, I look forward to meeting up at TC18.  And Tamas Foldi thanks for covering extensions, it's a real interesting topic!!!!