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    How to set up Parameter in this situation?

    Eason Chen

      I don't know how to disconnect with the SQL server so that you won't able to open my twbx file


      SO here is the screen shot. How can you set up the parameter for users to look at SPECIFIC month range?  Such as Jan to March.help.PNG

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          Jim Dehner



          Parameters are a way for the user to input a single value into tableau - but that said they don't do anything by themselves - they have to be backed up with a calculation or a filter

          So if you would need to know 2 things - start and end date or start date and duration - that would be 2 parameters if the range (duration) is variable or only 1 if it is a constant number of months


          then you would write a formula like      Month(date) >=Month(start date) and month(date) <= month(end date)      it will result in a t/f filter that you can set to True





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