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    Case sensitivity of dimensions (the dimension values, not the dimension name)

    Colin MacMurtrie



      I have a similar question to: Tableau Case sensitivity


      I have a dimension called [Flow Flag].  It's populated with 1 or 2 digits of alpha-characters (e.g. 'a','Ab', 'AC','S','s','BE' etc.).

      However, for my work, we need to treat this field with case sensitivity.  Here's an example:  [Flow flag] dimensions 'F' and 'f' are different.



      Currently this seems to not be the case. 


      And what's worse... Tableau is dropping entirely the second case of an instance. 

      For instance, if both 'S' and 's' are present, Tableau only uses 'S' data in the worksheet.  It's NOT aggregating lower-case 's' into big 'S', which would be the expectation if it simply couldn't 'see' capitalization.


      This is not a good behavior.


      Is it possible to tell Tableau to be case sensitive?


      I'm using a direct connection to my database, and [flow flag] has a case sensitive collation in SQL SERVER.  So - this is clearly not being interpreted.


      Currently I'm using a large case statement to modify these [flow_flag] values so that they're distinguishable:


           when 'S' then 'S'

           when 's' then 'ls' -- 'L' + 'S' meaning lower-case s