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    The formula is not ignoring the intended field

    Arash Mosharraf

      I am trying to compare the grand total of graduation of one university with another university (peer). However I am have a hard time ignoring the filter in the calculation so that the peer grand total would show up in the separate bar chart on the right. All the grand totals for all universities exist int he same dataset. Below is the snapshot of what I am trying to do.




      The formula for peers is


      IF [Instnm]="The University of Texas at El Paso" Then

          {fixed [Instnm]: sum(IIF([Instnm]="University at Buffalo", [Grand total], 0))}





      so for instance I was hoping to get the grand total of University of Buffalo for the The university of El Paso as an example. As you may notice the institution and the record date is filtered to show on the the selected university since Buffalo is not pat part of the filter I tried to ignore it using the LOD formula but for some reason it's not working. If it did work on the right chart would sho only one bar with the grand total of the university of Buffalo next to El Paso


      Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?