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    User Name and Pasword for Tableau Server Manager

    Kumar Guntupalli

      Tableau Admin Gurus,


      I successfully installed Tableau Server 2018.2 on my machine to test out the functionality. After the successful install, It opened up a webpage to enter the username and password for Sign In to Tableau Services Manager. I never defined any username and password for Tableau services manager as a part of the installation. Can you please let me know the default username and password for TSM?


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          Tony Chan

          Hi Kumar, I think you're at Step5 where it asks you to create admin user  Running Setup

          If you're using Active Directory enter username=domain\username

          Step 5: Create a Tableau Server administrator user

          The final step is to add an administrator user for Tableau Server. After the configuration is all set, Tableau launches your browser and presents a page where you set the administrator user for Tableau Server.

          The Tableau Server administrator is a user within Tableau Server who can manage all aspects of Tableau, including managing sites, users, groups, and projects, plus change server configuration settings.

          • If you are using Active Directory for authentication, then the account that you specify here must be a user in the directory.
          • On the other hand, if you are running Tableau Server with local authentication, the username and password that you specify here will be used to create the administrative account. Enter a strong password for this account.

          Use this account to access the Tableau Server admin web pages. See Sign in to Tableau Server Admin Pages.

          Keep the user name and password for the administrator in a secure place! First, the administrator user in Tableau Server has complete control over the server, so make sure that the credentials are kept secret. Second, you need these credentials to create additional users on the server, and this user is your ultimate entry point into the server if something happens.

          You can add or change server admin accounts anytime. We'll cover that later in the Creating Userschapter.

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            Kumar Guntupalli

            Hi, Tony Chan


            Thanks for the reply and I need to know what will be the sign in credentials for TSM that is in Step 2 of the install process.

            Running Setup

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              Tony Chan

              for step 2 I sign in with the same admin user that I ran step1.

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                paul van zwalenburg

                Hi Kumar,


                the Tableau Services Manager (TSM) user/password you are being prompted for need to be someone with local administrative access to the computer where Tableau Server is installed. It can be the person who installed Tableau, or another person with administrative access on the computer. It does not need to be a user with an account on Tableau Server.


                This link might help explain it: Sign in to Tableau Services Manager Web UI


                Also, note that I'm assuming you're on Windows. The details are similar but slightly different for Linux.