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    Flow Path with 1 database table

    Stephen Crocker

      I have a query that I created that has the origination and destination city in there, they map.  I have tried getting the lat and long in there for the mapping flows but when I tried putting the path ID in there it shows no lines (tutorial I followed on youtube).

      Basically what I want is a source destination map that can be filtered based on Origin City to destination city

      something like this that I can filter a company and it would show the routes between Say Union City IN, to Cincinnati OH

      I have included a sample workbook.   I don't have LAT LONG in the data set or in the DB and can't use a static lat long excel sheet is need to be something that is in a DB so need to use Origin City, State or something else already in the data.


      Version: Tableau 2018.2

      Thanks for any help