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    Show percent of total and discrete count in columns

    Jessica Rupnow



      To give a little background of the data. I am looking to find out how efficient the grocery store clerks are at scanning certain items in a large order. The customer ID represents "one opportunity to scan the 3 items". We have the data for 3 items and whether or not the clerk successfully scanned them in that customer ID visit.  I have made a calculated field to count the missing items because we are ultimately interested in the items that were missed.


      Please help me show two different things.

      1. Percent of total missing values per value of all customer ID's no matter the location

      2. Include a discrete count of how many in that variable were missed.


      I am looking to show the percent of total and distinct count of the variables in the same table. The numbers need to be variable specific and only show percent of total and count distinct for that variable. I have posted a workbook and example of the table I am looking for. Thanks!!