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    Embedded Analytics Pricing

    Gabriel Attoun



      My team is building an embedded analytics application and are currently developing with Power BI.


      Application features:

      • Users register their own accounts (i.e. the application will have to programatically create Tableau accounts for each user, if that's required)
      • Users upload their own data
      • All users view the same dashboards
      • Users view only their data; this is achieve with Row-Level Security (Power BI allows us to use row level security on any column, so we add a GUID to each upload row that matches the user's user ID)
      • We have complete control of the look and feel of the site, we add our own filter panes and report navigation.


      The estimated costs associated with this are as follows:

      • Power BI Embedded Capacity - ~$800/month
      • Power BI Administrator account (this is the one user account we need for creating dashboards and uploading them to Power BI service) - $120/year
      • Hosting, database costs, etc. would likely be similar whether we're using Tableau or Power BI, so they're excluded.


      We're interested in estimating the costs of using Tableau instead. They are only viewing dashboards, not editing them.

      Could someone briefly describe the Tableau costs associated with this? My initial thought is that we'd need a Tableau online account for each user, and that they could be created via the API when a user registers.