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    Visualize Percentile values on

    Claudio Ulivieri

      HI everyone,

           I would like to display in a bar chart values, average of equipment reliability and percentiles.

      I have tried two different approach without much success...


      Using Reference Band from Analytics tab



      In this case i was able to show in a nice way but i have noticed in this case the percentile where calculated on average result  (as example : for 2013 the percentile is calculated on the 4 values from Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4, not from the 16k value composing them.

      There is any way to set band calc to the whole sample?


      Adding Percentile calculated fields as measures


      here I tried to manage my percentile values as measures, but i was not able to have represented without replicating three different bar graph for the different mesures...


      Thanks in advance for any suggestion