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    Trend Over Time of Calculated Field related to date

    Emanuele Marcandella

      Hello everyone,

      I have a question about a trend over time referred to a Calculated Field related to dates.


      I try to explain my issue making a small foreword:

      - I have Service Orders (SO) related to failures on airplanes

      - every SO has an opening date and, if already closed, a closing date

      - every SO has a criticality value (from 1 to 3) related to the gravity and urgency of the SO (1 is the most critical)

      - for every SO I have defined a CRITICALITY INDEX, that is: GdA*(4^-(c))


           GdA = Days till the SO is Open

           c = criticality value (1 to 3)

      - the SUM of the Criticality Index of every SO in open status on a airplane, indetify the Criticality status of every airplane to understand which one is more critical than others.


      WHERE I AM:

      I can represent the actual status of the Criticality Index, comparing the planes each others ( so related to TODAY() ).


      I can't understand if the index is getting better or worse over time.

      So, for every airplane I need to calculate the CRITICALITY INDEX over time (no more related to TODAY but depending on the abscissa).


      This is the result that I have using Excel  (sum  of all airplanes):


      In attach

      the Example1.TWBX where you can find the calculation and first graph set up.


      the Example1.XLSX where I calculated the Critical Index over time  using excel formulas and where you can also find the data input.



      I hope some of you can help me.

      Thanks in advance for the feedback.