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    Question related to data prep for Tableau?

    jatin baveja

      Hi All


      I have the below two questions.

      1. I have a few dimensions and then Monthly columns for Jan- Dec followed by columns for Q1,Q2, Q3,Q4, YTD and FY. is such an arrangement apt for ingestion into tableau as each of my dashboard would require showing one of the quarters,        YTD and Total in a single slide.


      2. Tableau recognised Q1, Q2, Q3 as dimensions and not measures. when i changed these quarters to measures, i am not able to aggregate sum for these as only count option is available. Do i need to some some cleaning or something before         ingestion to avoid this?




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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          Tableau (and Tableau Prep) know how to create a date hierarchy and how to sum data - just include the monthly data (not the quarters or the ytd) -

          Pivot the data so there is a date column (with a real date not just a month like 8/1/18 for August) you can do that in Prep after the data is loaded and recast as a date


          it will solve both your issues



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