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    Tabmigrate credentails xml not working

    Atul Bhagwat

      Hi All,


      Have been trying hands on TabMigrate. Its nice!

      While trying out some scenarios, I could not get the below to work.

      Upload a workbook using live connection. A .twb file. while upload it threw a manual task notepad and said, open via Tableau desktop as this contains a live connection.

      I then read about the credentials xml file. I was happy for a while, gave the path for the xml for my workbook to be published.

      However, it still prompted me with the manual task error.

      When I try to upload a twbx embedded, it works.

      However, I am not able to upload workbooks which use live connections, as somehow the credentials xml file is not readable or not read by the tool.

      Am I missing something?

      Appreciate any help.



      Atul B