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    Calculated field in Graph 2 does not filter on Graph 1

    Edward Neve



      In my dashboard I am handling Work Force Management process data, see simplified data example below.

      Sometimes the employee name is empty, but I have made a calulated field to show a value depending on the role that has been assigned to the process.



      ISNULL([Employee]) AND [Role] = '3' THEN "C"

      ELSE [Employee]



      Employee     Employee2            Role          Processnumber

      A                           A                    1               12345

      B                           B                    2               45648                

      null                        C                    3               75486

      D                           D                    4               74859

      E                           E                     5               35968


      In my Graph1 I am showing only  the Processnumber (in number of records). In my Graph 2 I am showing the Employee2 value and the number of records.


      When using the Employee2 from Graph2 as a filter on Graph1, I only get results for Employee2 = 'C'. When Filtering in Graph 2 on Employee2 = 'B' for example I get no results in Graph 1.


      How can I achieve this?


      Thanks and best regards,