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    Visualizing missing data

    Sandra Nieves

      Dear Tableau Community,. 

      I have time series date for forest fire incidents that I downloaded from the Civil Protection Agency in Portugal. It is 83 csv files in total, however some of the csv files do not show up for some reason. I looked csv 83 in my spread sheet (Numbers) and it do contain data, even though the viz is blank for those dates.


      I have two questions?

      1) Any ideas what I can do to get Tableau to display the data?

      2) How could I visualize the data issue, meaning highlight the missing data. I explored using IF ISNULL, but I always only get to see the data that Tableau recognizes. I imagine, that it might have to do with the fact, that Tableau does not recognize the csv at all.


      Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a workbook.

      Thanks a lot, Sandra