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    How to use my month filter to also filter my year to date figures

    Robert Wilson

      Hi there


      I wish to show on a dashboard, the number of complaints we received in a given month, using a month filter to choose which month to view, however i also wish to show the corresponding year to date figure for that month. I had used the quick calculation YTD Total in a worksheet which initially worked, however this does not work once i apply the same month filter as i have for the monthly view.

      Here you can see i have filtered the month to January 2018 and it correctly shows we received 3 complaints.

      However in the YTD sheet, January should be able to show 40. Yet when i apply the same filter i get this.

      I am sure there must be a nice easy solution, but i cant find it.


      Any help is much appreciated.


      Using 10.5.