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    Snapshot Data?

    Chad Clauson

      Hi, I'm looking to take a daily snapshot of a pending queue. It's hard to explain but what I want to do is simply take a snapshot of how many items were pending from that and are still pending from previous days. That way I can establish a trendline of the pending queue so that it doesn't change the visualization every day. Attached is a spreadsheet with some sample values. Simply put, if the rcvd date is 12/31/9999 it is pending and we take that item count. Any other date for rcvd date means it was never pended or is no longer pending. These rows get updated daily if there are some resolved. So in our sample data for 8/1, there were 26 items pending. That would be our first point. The next date in our trendline would be 8/2. There were 88 pending that day but you would have to subtract all items from previous day(s) that were pending but are now resolved. Suppose the third row was resolved (we'd know because that row would get updated with 8/2/2018 for rcvd date). 8/2 would have a point of 88 - 15 = 73. And so on. Just want to see the total current queue up to each date.


      Sorry for the wordiness but it's hard to explain.