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    Mapping Data to Rose Curves

    Christy Lindeman

      Hello All,


      I was working on creating a rose curve visual and found this posting


      Rose Curves in Tableau — DataBlick


      I successfully created the first part of the process creating the rose curve flower but now I am confused on how to map it since all the data in the workbook has been implemented with the data densification technique. I am new to Tableau and new to Paths but am determined to make this work.


      Since his data had been densified I filled in the missing data in the "Path" by extracting the path data he had in the workbook which only showed the beginning and end of the path.


      If anyone knows of anything to help me apply this path to my data to get multiple roses with sized pedals I would be extremely grateful!


      Maybe I need to start by learning how to implement the data densification technique?



      Desired results:


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          Ken Flerlage

          This is pretty complex stuff, particularly if you are new to Tableau. I'd probably recommend focusing on the basics first before you dive into the data densification and complex calculations required to create this. But, if you still want to push forward with this, please attach a packaged workbook, we'd be happy to lend a hand.

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            Christy Lindeman

            I appreciate the help Ken,


            In looking at Chris' example from DataBlick I found that he has a second Path and Pathbin that he references starting with 1 and ending with 30 I do not understand what that path references I was able to make sense of all the other data.


            I am not sure what the Navi (data) was used for in his workbook either


            I believe I need a second path in my workbook. I am working with much less data just trying get the hang of it.


            see attached data and workbook.


            Ultimately I'd like to have 1 rose per group and the petals to be the grower types 3 total sized on my measures. I am not exactly positive which measure I want to use yet


            Thanks in advance!