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    Dashboard Action filter doesn't work if the column calc contains USERNAME() function

    Tableau Learner

      I have a calculated field which contains USERNAME() function. If I create a dashboard action on the sheet with this field, It's doesn't apply action filter in the target sheet.

      Example : my calc field formula looks like

      IF  USERNAME()=[Level2 Manager username]

      THEN [Level2 Manager Name]



      there are no other action filters, Its very simple dashboard with summary report to detail report, where summary report has all manager names and detail report has all direct and indirect reporting employees.

      goal is to when you click on a manager it should display relevant direct and indirect reports.


      I also tried using "selected fields" instead of "All fields" but no luck


      don't ask me to use "user filter" in data source filter because that's going to filter the complete data set which ends up giving only one record.for that user login.


      Please advise if i'm missing anything here or suggest some workaround.