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    Actions don´t work on Tableau Online

    Barata Ribs



      I´m having a very annoying problem. Although my actions work perfectly on Tableau Desktop I can´t make them work on Tableau Online.


      I´ve searched around a little bit and I found a thread (Action Filter (Menu) not working on tableau server 9.0 ) saying that if I checked "show sheets as tabs" would solve my problem. It did, my actions are now working, however now I have TABS on the top of my page.


      Well, I don´t want tabs on the top of my page, it just ruins all visualization work that I have done.


      Anyone having the same issue? Or better, anyone that solved this issue?


      Thank you very much.



      Some comments:

      - I´m publishing only dashboards;

      - Tableau desktop version 2018.2

      - Publishing to tableau online

      - All viz and actions working fine on dektop