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    How to calculate reactivated customers?

    Tanner McDaniel

      Hello all,


      I need to see customers that used to purchase from us, and then went on a 9 month streak of not ordering at all. (Sales = 0)

      THEN, if that customer made a purchase anytime AFTER that 9 month streak AND made a purchase larger than 1,000$, they are Reactivated.


      The ultimate goal here is to make a view that shows these reactivated customers, their order dates, and their sales to current date for the end user to explore.


      This is part of another discussion that was half answered, so I felt the need to re-post as a new question.

      How to find New Customers and Returning Customers?


      The end user has manually had to track this for over 10 years, so I want to introduce the power of Tableau!

      Appreciate the help! I'm very responsive in the EST zone if you have questions.