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    Filter based on Multiple Condition

    Sanjay K

      Here is the scenario,


      Requirement :


      Static choice values in radio Button : North, South, Central


      When the User select the value from radio button the below logic should work


      North -


      When City in (Akron, Alexandria, Amarillo) AND Segment = 'Consumer'


      South -


      When City in (Ann Arbor, Apple valley) AND Segment = 'Home Office'


      Central -


      When City in (Green Ville,Gresham) AND Segment = 'Corporate'


      Fields need to be used in filter condition : City & Segment




      Its a grid output based on the radio button selection grid output changes.


      i have tried creating the parameter with static choice, it doesnt work for me. If there are any existing scenario discussed on this forum kindly share the link