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    Pass filter value in a URL action

    Robertino Bonora

      Hello guys I have the following question, I am trying to send through a button (a sheet with an Excel image), the selection of 4 filters to a table to download it from Tableau Server.



      I have tried several configurations and managed to download the tables from the server but it only works correctly when I select only one option from each of the filters, but when I enable the option to send more than one value in the action configuration, the download apparently works as follows: if I have columns A, B and C with the possible values A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2 and C3. Imagine that my information are 2 records:


      A2|B2|C3 and A2|B1|C1 so if in my filters I have selected for A the option A2 for B the option B2 and for C the option C3 should bring me only the first record, but instead it brings me the two records, I think I know why, it evaluates each record of information with each filter separately so that having the filter A with the option A2 considers that the two records meet all the conditions.


      It is necessary to clarify that the URL action is configured in the following way: table.csv?A=<FILTERVALUE(A)>&B=<FILTERVALUE(B)>&C=<FILTERVALUE(C)> so I understand it should validate the three conditions at the same time, also have the option URL Encode Data Values and Allow Multiple Values enabled.


      Could it really work that way? What could be the problem? I'm missing something or for what reason could it be failing?


      Thank you very much,