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    URL Action Parameters for different data sources

    jiayi zhang



      I have 2 parameters:

      - param1 from Data Source 1 and param2 from Data Source2;

      - both data sources are connected through live Custom SQL Query; param1 is used in Query1 and param2 is used in Query 2;

      - param1 is used in chart1 and param2 is used in chart2. Chart1 and chart2 are used in one dashboard.


      After I published the dashboard to server and assign values for both parameters, the url is like https://servername.com/view/viewname?param1=123&param2=456.

      Only view 2 is rendered; view 1 is blank.


      If I removed param2=456, only using https://servername.com/view/viewname?param1=123, view 1 is rendered.




      Does anyone have any idea?