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    Default view of dashboard based on date

    Ajay Devulapalli

      Hi Everyone,


      Hope you all are doing good. I have a challenging scenario and looking for some advice on solution approach.


      1. There are 4 sales levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) and an employee can be on one of them on a given day.

      2. The requirement is when the employee is in Bronze level, the dashboard should by default show "bronze related metrics on the dashboard". Likewise, Silver, Gold and Platinum metrics should be displayed based on the level he/she is on that day.

      3. Bronze level is calculated for first 10 days, silver for first 30 days, Gold and Platinum for 60 days.


      How could I show the current level information by default for the user?


      Hope some of you might have passed this route, Waiting for your approach here.


      Yours Truly,

      Ajay Devulapalli

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          Naveen B

          Hi Ajay,


          You can use the concept of row level security


          Restrict Data Access with User Filters and Row Level Security


          It would be great if you attach a sample workbook so that will see if its possible to do with calculations itself




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            Ajay Devulapalli

            Naveen, that was quick. Really appreciate you taking time and helping me out.


            Just want to point out the fact that row level security is achieved by quick filter on "Award Level" (May be you could correct me here). When I select bronze in the single drop-down award level quick filter the dashboard will filter to bronze data. Likewise for silver, gold and platinum. The question is how do I control the default view?


            Let's say this: Naveen just started his career and so he should see bronze data by default until 10 days. After 10 days default view should change to silver upto 30 days. Once Naveen reaches 31st day he should see gold by default. And always, Naveen will have a quick filter to navigate to other award levels.


            I'm trying to think of a similar example, build data and then a dashboard for your better reference.


            PS: Instead of direct quick filter,  I can create a parameter with 5 values. 1 - 4 are for the award levels and will leave the 5th blank (default value for parameter). Whenever it's blank, we can calculate for current award level and filter the data. Easier said than implemented for me.


            Thank you once again!


            Kind Regards

            Ajay Devulapalli