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    Rank Appends to rows with multiple pills

    Hector Santos

      So this is probably a super easy and straight forward solution, but I'm at a loss for how to even classify this.   I'm trying to create a series of views in a top 10 table for a bigger viz.  I'm getting this when I put in more than 5 pills:


      Rank Not Correct.png

      In this photo you can see when I added the Maximum order date, it made my rank calc field append to the State. My expected result would be keeping the Rank distinct like this:


      Rank Correct.png


      I know it probably seems trivial, but the emphasis on these small views within the larger view is the Top 10 ranking.  Having the ranking not be prominent would make it less impactful.  Am I missing a fundamental on how these crosstab/sheet views work?  Any help would be great.