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    Joining data as a string

    Emily O'Brien

      Hi !


      I am attempting to join 2 table (table 1 to table 2). I am trying to join the I.D. field. The I.D. can be made of a series of numbers (i.e. 123456) or a series of numbers and letter (1-12abc).


      When I am joining my tables, only the numbers and letters (i.e. 1-12abc) combination is populating  (In other word, all my number IDs are missing from the left join). On the right join, only my I.D. field is populating leaving all the other data null (i.e. Name NULL Payout NULL I.D. 123456).


      I've attempted to create a STR() formula, change the data source in prep and in desktop. Does anyone know any fixes? Due to the sensitivity of the data, I cannot attach the packaged workbook.

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          Naveen B

          Hi Emily ,


          Create a Join Calculation like below --> Drop down and Select the "Create Join Calculation"



          use the calculation which you need to get the correct Join


          Hope this helps


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