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    Dashboard titles based on more than 1 filter

    Alex Braga

      Hi all,


      I'm creating this dashboard and I would like the title to display what's being filtered.


      As you can see in the picture attached, whatever I filter first shows up (in this case the TIN). The vendor name is showing up as "(All)"

      The opposite is also true. If I filter first for the Vendor Name, that would show on the title, but TIN would show all "(All)"



      These filters are all set to show "Only Relevant Values".


      This is the code I'm using to generate the title:


      TIN: <Paytocgvrtin>  | Provider Name: <Vendor Name>  | Analysis Date Range: <AGG(svcbegdate_min)> to <AGG(svcbegdate_max)>


      What am I missing? What can I do to display the filtered value as well as the relevant results of the secondary filter?