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    How to calculate the value point on a Tableau Logarithmic Trend Line?

    Tamara Redwood



      I'm trying to calculate a value point on a Tableau Logarithmic Trend Line.


      Why?  A few compounded reasons:

      1. I'm not showing the actual data points, just the trend line

      2. You can't customize the label of a Trend Line

      3. The Label I can edit is therefore attached to the data points which can be all over the place, and therefore very difficult to read which line is which

      4. I can't use a legend for colours because of 1 (actual data lines are hidden, so the legend shows no colours).


      So, my solution is to figure out how to calculate the last point of the logarithmic trend line, and afix the label to that.  My problem is that I don't know how Tableau derives the values for the trend line formula, and I need it to be dynamic (so I can't just copy/paste the existing formula's values).



      PLEASE do not just link me to the Covariance, Trend Lines, Correlation Coefficient R and R-Squared document.  I've been there, tried many calculations and haven't gotten it to work.