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    Create calculated field that compares column X to a list and returns a "yes" or "no" for each list item based on if show up in a list as "Yes" or "No"

    Khaled Salah



      Tableau version number is 10.4


      I have a column of names of individuals I would like to compare to a list. I want to create a column that says yes or no based on whether or not the individual took a course. What I have now shows If they did take the course, but only lists the courses they did take. The course code will show up in the column next to their name (all the courses they took show up in that column). I would like to compare a whole list of courses to each individual and return to me a "yes" or "no" alongside each course code which would tell me if they took the course or not. I also have the list of course codes shown in the filtered area. Note: I have already narrowed down that list under the filtered area under data source. Please help me. Thank you all.