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    Displaying Measured Values at Higher Levels

    Daniel Savoy

      I have data that is sorted by the product number and it has hours worked for each operation while that product is being built, as well as target times for all standard operations. I have two calculations for hours worked. One adds up the hours for operations that have a target time. I have another that adds up hours for operations without target times (non-standard hours).

      When I show this at the operation level it splits it up and it works. What I would like to do is create a graph at the product number level and stack the two types of hours while comparing them to the total target time.

      Unfortunately, when I graph the product number data it groups them all together so the hours for operations without target times is zero (every product number has a target time, but not every operation has one). I also do not know how to stack only two measured values but not the third. Can anyone help me out?