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    Counting Number of Repeated Entries in a Column - part two

    Mohsen Majnoon


      I asked a question yesterday (https://community.tableau.com/message/812259#812259) and Deepak Rai was very kind to reply me with the answer. I have two more questions, but first the original question at a glance:


      I have 20 lists of servers. I want to Union them and find out what servers appear in all the lists the most. Suppose that Server1 appears in 18 lists.

      Two more questions:

      1- Is it possible to show the number of occurrences on the top of the bars? E.g. 9 on top of "12" bar, 6 on top of "13" and "14", etc.


      2-what if I have all those lists in my union, but I only cared for the first 18 in my results? I know I can do a filter on paths and exclude the last two, but it doesn't reflect my change to the number #calculation1 field (still shows 16 and doesn't change the chart at all).

      How can I reflect the filter in our calculated field?