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    Niranjan Banarjee



      Can anyone help me in the below scenario.Requirement is in the picture below if any better way to achieve things.


      I tried using the below formula in the 3rd column measure but it is giving me the entire count of stores including the 0 of 2nd column.

      Formula used by me are :

      3rd Calculated field=(IF [2nd Calculated field]>0 then sum([Store Name (copy)]) END)


      [2nd Calculated field]=(if [1st Calculated field]>=1 then 1 else 0 END)


      [1st Calculated field]=COUNTD(IF NOT ISNULL([YTD Product Quantity]) THEN DATETRUNC('month', [Created Date]) END)


      [Store Name (copy)]={ fixed [Channel], [Segment]:COUNTD([Store Name])}