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    Dashboard Size on Server

    Brian Adams

      I've just published my first Tableau dashboard (Yay!) but the size of it is not what I was expecting. I set it to size automatically and it seems to be doing that but it is necessary to scroll-down to see all the charts. In Tableau Desktop (10.4) it displays perfectly on the screen when I go to Presentation mode. I tried setting the dashboard to a fixed size but when I published it a bunch of items in the dashboard had scroll bars on them. Does anyone know if there are size settings on the server side that could be changed? Because it seems that the problem is that the dashboard is automatically sizing to what has been set up on the server.





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          Ankit Patel

          Hi Brian,


          First off - Excellent on Publishing your first Creation.


          2nd - Welcome to the Size nightmare. Automatic Size for Dashboard is a BIG NO NO! To that extend in simple terms if you set Automatic - the Viz will self adjust itself to end-users monitor size and start shrinking sheets plugged into the dashboard.


          I personally never use Automatic Size. With that said I have come up with a Fixed size that works great on any end-user screen size - Projector, Monitor, Laptop Screen, & iPad (will not go in Mobile - that's a whole new chapter) - the best size you can work with is Width: 1150 px & Height 770 px. You may say that's way too less to do anything and here is where you need to put on the thinking cap and figure out how to use and save space to create your masterpiece. If you search there are many articles on the Art of Dashboard. Here is one that explains Sizing in general: Size and Lay Out Your Dashboard


          Hope this helps. If you find it helpful please mark it correct so others can benefit from it as well. Thank you.


          Best regards,


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            Rob Palmer



            As Ankit says, it can be hard work to get automatic to work well. So you can either fix it or use the range option to reduce the changes that get made.


            However, I have had success by ensuring that you set mobile, desktop and tablet views and then limiting the amount you put on your dashboard. Also only fixing height or width on graphs (not both) helps - but you will potentially get scroll bars. Expect some trial and error to get it working, and if you can use an emulator to replicate the users screen resolution (you can do that through chrome's dev options) then all the better.


            Sorry, it's probably the hardest part of Tableau I find, and it still catches me out every so often.




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              Brian Adams



              Thanks for your helpful comments. I tried setting the size to 1150 x 770 but again many items on the dashboard had scrollbars. I'm publishing it to a SharePoint site if that makes any difference. There are many other Tableau workbooks published on the site and they don't seem to have as big a "container" as I have. It seems like the dashboard is sizing to what they have set up on the server.



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                Rob Palmer

                Can you get hold of the other workbooks that have been published? A good way in this sort of situation is to download and reverse engineer. I've learnt a lot about building custom viz types doing this and it's a really good way to learn.

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                  Ankit Patel

                  Best bet is to take a look at an existing workbook on SharePoint and see what size it is using - this way you can create your dashboard using same size. As for scroll bars - there is options on Worksheet to make it Fit - Entire View. This may be helpful if its a Chart that still can be readable if did Fit Entire View. Hope this helps.


                  This will be lot of Trial & Error to get it to work as per Rob.

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