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    Drawing double diagonal line in scatter plot

    asdasd asdasd

      Hello, I have a scatter plot with all of my records and I would like to add 2 reference lines basically create a tunnel that would show which values fall in within certain values something like a tunnel. Something similar like in the image below.



      Currently I have all my records on the plot that looks like this (below)


      And I would like generate a line that would separate the circles which do not meet condition, basically the lines should cover the results where condition ABS(y -x) < 10.


      I am able achieve these values within calculated field or filter but that does not give me the whole look that includes values outside the condition. I cant figure out how to draw  these lines that could help to identify which values are outside of ABS(y - x) < 10




      Excuse me for my poor explanation, hopefully someone can help me out