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    Create fake dimension

    Michał Wolszczak

      Hi, i am trying to create donut chart which will display percentage of usage of locations in warehouse. I have measures: Count of Locations and Occupied Locations.

      I dont have any dimension to connect them. Is there any way to create some fake dimension e.g. with calculated field?

      PS. i dont have ability to change my data structure.


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          Naveen B

          Hi Michal,


          1) create a calculation will give the % of Occupied locations

          SUM( Occupied Locations)/SUM(Count of Locations )

          2) Create a calculated field like below which will give % of non occupied locations

          1-% of Occupied locations

          3) Drag measure names to filter and select the values % of Occupied locations  and % of non occupied locations

          4) Drag Measure names to color in Donut Marks section

          5) Drag Measure values to angle


          Now you will get a donut chart which shows % of occupied location and % of non occupied locations based on warehouse (use warehouse in column or rows)




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            meenu choudhary

            HI Michat,


            You can achieve this by pivoting your data.


            Follow below steps:




            Drag the columns as shown below


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