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    Get several outputs within one calculation and parameters

    Anastasiia Buslova

      Hi everyone,


      I'm struggling with depended several outputs of calculation.


      Basically, I need to count IDs within month range based on calculated field.  In May event 1 happend 100 times, event 2 happend 200 times, in April event 1 happend 90 times, event 2 - 120 times and so on. Event 1 or 2 is based on calculated field (in my case it represent wether subscription was active or not within certain month).


      I created parameters for input date range, but it shows only one first month, not all of them. So it is needed something like


      FOR number of month REPEAT calculated field


      May be there is easy way to do it? I attached example of my data and what I already have done.


      Would appriciate any help!