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    JOIN in DB View or in Tableau

    Dave Jenkins

      Hi there,


      Sorry if this has been asked before which it probably has, however, my Google-Search-FOO is failing me!


      I have three tables that I'm currently joining in Tableau and then they are done as an extract. Currently around a million rows.


      Is it better to do the join in Tableau or is it better to do it in the Oracle db and then just call the one table in Tableau as an extract. My guess would be to it in DB because it can use the indexes and database engine. Is that a correct assumption? Does even matter after the first time as once its in the extract it will use column store indexing to can the speed that it needs?






      EDIT: Using 10.2 at the moment. Touch wood an upgrade to 2018.1 is coming soon. Would that change the answer?