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    Tableau Prep - Schedule with command line - Error signing in server

    Mathilde Saguin



      I am trying to publish in Tableau Server a Tableau Prep flow using the command line option. I use the 2.2 version of Tableau prep.


      Goal : Connect to a data source and publish it to Tableau Server.

      I can publish this flow within Tableau Prep directly but I want to automate it.


      I have created a json file to store the datasource and Tableau Server credentials.

      I changed the site to the Default one (both in the json and in the tableau prep file) to avoid this issue.

      I can connect to the database through the command line but I have troubles to connect to Tableau Server. I am using the same credentials as the ones I use in Tableau Server (made copy paste to be sure).

      What could be the reason why I cannot publish the datasource to tableau server ?


      Thank you very much,