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    URL Action to WEBI Report Not Working?

    Amy Peyton

      Hi All,


      I need some help and will greatly appreciate any solutions. I have two Tableau Dashboards linked via a url action, and I am creating a link from one of these to a BO WebI report via a url action. The url action linking the BO WebI report is not working in chrome, but works perfectly in IE.


      Let me provide the context: TAB_Dashboard_1 > TAB_Dashboard_2 > BO_Dashboard all linked via url actions.


      The flow from:

      TAB_Dashboard_1 > TAB_Dashboard_2 works well in both IE and Chrome.

      TAB_Dashboard_2 > BO_Dashboard works only in IE.


      Sample link from TAB_Dashboard_1 > TAB_Dashboard_2:

      http://tabserver/views/workbook/dashboard?:iframeSizedToWindow=true&:linktarget=_blank&:showAppBanner=f&:display_count=no&:nhowVizHome=no&:linktarget=_self&:tabs=n&:embed=y&Company Parameter=<Parameters.Company Parameter>&State Parameter=<Parameters.State Parameter>&Month Parameter=<Parameters.Month Parameter>


      Sample link from TAB_Dashboard_2 > BO_Dashboard

      http://boserver/BOE/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sIDType=CUID&iDocID=ATRg0T5fZAVLuvv4BONhid0&lsSSelect%20Location=<Parameters.State Parameter>&lsMSelect%20Coverage=<Parameters.Coverage>&lsSSelect%20Company=<Parameters.Company Parameter>&lsSSelect%20Month=<Current Selected Month>


      I have observed that when the :embed=y parameter is changed to :embed=n in the  Sample link from TAB_Dashboard_1 > TAB_Dashboard_2, then the Sample link from TAB_Dashboard_2 > BO_Dashboard works in both IE and Chrome. Problem is we cannot have this parameter changed to n.


      I sincerely will appreciate your inputs.