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    Tableau vs Domo

    Gavin Wong

      Not sure if this has been compared/asked before... but i would like to evaluate using Domo as compared to using Tableau which i am using right now.

      Anyone using both? care to provide some insights and real case usage issues/success ?

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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Gavin,


          Please refer



          In my opinion tableau is the great tool and it can load huge records.





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            suman kumar



            Here You can see a nice article and cheatsheet on this comparison.


            Key Differences Between Tableau vs domo

            Both Tableau and Domo are popular choices in the market; let us discuss some of the major differences between Tableau vs Domo:


            Tableau provides features like custom filters and drag-drop functionality which helps the user to create interactive dashboards and share them with the help of Tableau online or server. Some users find tableau interface not so intuitive.

            Domo provides more pleasant user experience with a number of pre-built pages which can self-assemble based on data inputs or a user can drag-drop them if required.

            2. Analytics Capability

            Tableau provides functionality to adopt local processing power and synchronize data quickly. This is also referred to as In-memory and In-database analytics architecture. It also covers analytics features like data discovery, data visualization, survey analysis, time-series analysis, social analytics, etc. In order to provide mobile BI solutions, tableau also integrates with R statistical programming language.

            Domo has the capability to analyze as well as cleanse customer data from any source. It also makes extraction, transformation and loading process easier, since you can analyze data without any SQL training. It also has Data Fusion feature to merge data from multiple data sources. Domo does all its processing in a cloud by collecting data from any data source

            3.Data Connectors

            Both Tableau and Domo provide data connectors to connect with multiple sources, thus there is no need to perform any custom configuration or write any code.

            4.Operating System

            In terms of Operating System, Tableau can work with both Windows and Macintosh OS environments.

            Domo also works with both including Windows mobile.


            Tableau provides communication in both ways: on-premise as well as cloud-based with Tableau Desktop and Tableau cloud.

            Domo Does not provide on-premise communication.

            6.Offline Analysis

            Tableau provides offline analysis feature when there is no need for internet connectivity.

            Domo does not give provision of offline analysis.

            7.Data Sources

            Tableau provides support to extract data from various kinds of data sources.

            Domo provides good support to analyze data obtained from various data sources.

            8.Data Extraction

            Data extraction process is very easy with a tableau.

            Data extraction with Domo is little cumbersome.

            9. Speed

            Tableau has the capability of quick data analysis by providing two ways of data collection: In-memory connection and live connection.

            On the other hand, Domo provides a One-click application and workbench, to connect with different on-premise tools and upload data without any help from IT staff.

            10.Real-Time Analysis

            Tableau creates a link to dynamic data sources for real-time analysis.

            Domo also performs real-time analysis and it also has good social media collaboration.

            Tableau vs Domo Comparison Table

            Below are the lists of points, describe the comparisons Between Tableau vs Domo

            Basis of ComparisonTableauDomo
            HistoryFounded in Mountain View, California in the year 2003Founded in 2010, six years after Tableau
            CustomersTableau has a customer base around 57000+ with customers like Deloitte, Coca-Cola, Dell, Citrix etcDomo has over 1000 customers in the industry, with some notable customers like eBay, MasterCard, National Geographic etc.
            PricingSubscription-based pricing where personal package cost around $35/user per month and professional package cost around $70/user per month. Free Trial versions are also available.Pricing around $83/user per month. A free trial is available.
            Product detailsProducts are divided into three tiers: 1. Tableau Desktop Edition: to visualize and analyze data and create reports

            2. Tableau Server edition: to edit and distribute BI assets.

            3. Tableau online edition: a hosted version of Tableau server edition

            Product tiers in Domo are cloud-based and are divided into three categories:

            1. Domo Starter Edition: for small teams

            2. Domo professional Edition: for larger team size  with admin control

            3. Domo Enterprise Edition: with all controls

            GoodSimple drag-drop feature, a user can easily create reports by analyzing data and share them across the organization.Ability to connect data with more than 300+ connectors with a cloud-focused system to provide an online platform
            BadExpensive for small businessesDifficulty in extracting data
            DeploymentOn-premiseCloud-based, mobile as well as on-premises deployment
            LearningEasy to learn and useDomo is little harder to learn and use than Tableau
            ImplementationIt provides a variety of implementation services with classroom training for enterprise-level deployment. It also provides a Quick Start for small and medium-sized organisations.Domo provides an implementation based on customer requirement and resources. They provide training options for online training videos, web-based training, and instructor-led training at a customer location.



            Tableau vs Domo - Find Out The 9 Useful Differences


            But I would suggest to use Tableau.