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    LOD - Show Last Year Value when select "Filter to Latest Date" on filter

    alexandra price

      Hi Folks


      My Goal : Create a calculated field which shows the last year value even though the application has selected "Filter to latest date value when workbook is opened" on filter.


      I am struggling in LOD where i have set the filter on date so that it automatically selects the latest Year when open the application



      Then i have one calculated field where it sum all value of last year


      i use the formula    -      { FIXED : sum(if Year= year(Date)-1 then Value end) }



      But No luck , it won't show the last year value



      Unless i select 2017, but it is not expected to click 2017 while it is supposed to show the 2017 value  without select 2017 on Year(Date)



      The original dataset


      Thank you for your help,guys