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    Tableau Bridge: Refresh schedule for embedded extracts

    Rico de Feijter



      I uploaded a workbook which contains embedded extracts as shown below:


      As you can see, refreshing is allowed. However, when I upload a workbook I normally can select from which location the extracts should refresh (in case of a seperately published extract). In my case this location should be  KTW10-09 (my local machine).


      Normally (with a seperately published extract), I can select KTW10-09 after uploading the extract and set the schedule. Here an example of an extract that refreshes daily on KTW10-09:



      However, after uploading the embedded data sources (from the first screenshot in this post), I am not able to select KTW10-09 in Tableau Online. The only screen, when I try to set up a refresh schedule, is the screen from Tableau online itself:


      But I am not able to select KTW10-09. Therefore when I still schedule a refresh via the screen above, I get the following error:



      I am not able to reach the server directly through a remote connection. This is disabled for security reasons.


      However, it should still be possible to refresh the embedded extract via Tableau Bridge right? Or does Tableau Online only allows for refreshing embedded extracts directly through remote connections?