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    Grand Total is not showing correctly

    saranya pakkiri



      I am working on survey analysis dashboard, and as per requirement i tried to create metrics and below are the calculations I have used. Finally grand total is not calculating correctly to calculate percentage. For each question i am trying to calculate metrics based on survey response.


      Below are the response calculations I have used and same mentioned in my screenshot.


      strongly agree,

      COUNTD(IF [Pivot Field Values]='Strongly Agree' THEN [Respondent ID]  END)*4


      COUNTD(IF [Pivot Field Values]='Agree' THEN [Respondent ID]  END)*3


      COUNTD(IF [Pivot Field Values]='Disagree' THEN [Respondent ID]  END)*2

      Strongly Disagree

      COUNTD(IF [Pivot Field Values]='Strongly Disagree' THEN [Respondent ID]  END)*1


      Finally I am trying to calculate aggregation of all response calculations. In grand total it is showing 19125 but total should be 75872. Can anyone help me out here.


      Thanks in Advance,