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    Level of Detail (LOD) Calculation Using Dates


      Hi Everyone,


      I am having trouble creating a Level of Detail calculation to dynamically compare sales revenue using dates (e.g. 8/2/2018). Some months, there can be sales revenue data from up to 3 different dates.


      I want to be able to compare the sales revenue from the latest date to any of the dates from prior sales data.


      The sales data are as follow:








      The calculation that I am using (but is not working) to compare sales data of 8/2/2018 and 6/25/2018 is:



      DATEDIFF('day',DATETRUNC('day',[Sales Date]),

      {Max(DATETRUNC('day',[Sales Date]))})=1

      THEN [Revenue]



      Workbook is attached. Appreciate your help.

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          Simon Runc

          hi Andru,


          So the problem with using an LoD here is that the DATEDIFF is relative to the row you are in, and so not going 1 "partition" back (but one day back)....where it can't find any data



          The easiest way to do this is to use LOOKUP (a Table Calculation), although you will need the [Sales Date] in the vizLoD


          The formulas then become (the IF part is so it only returns the value to the last date)


          [Sales from 1 Date Ago - TC]

          IF MIN([Sales Date])=MAX({MAX([Sales Date])}) THEN




          and for 2 dates back


          IF MIN([Sales Date])=MAX({MAX([Sales Date])}) THEN




          We could do this with LoDs, but Table Calcs are simpler.


          Hope that helps