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    How can I make add color variation of each value related to my custom polygon map?

    Byungkeun Song

      Hello, I am using Tableau desktop.

      I have a questions on data merger visualization on the custom polygon map.

      Here are the process I did.


      1. I put background map

      2. Made a excel file to make each block like this

      3. Then, I made a section on the map as shown below. When setting it up, I put polygon, Box(CT) on color and Path ID to make a block.

      Although, Box(CT) has number value I set them as "string"


      4. My questions is here. Each block has its own value. I want to put each value on each block and make color variation so the map display which block has the highest value or the lowest value at the first view -without clicking the block to check the value and compare among them.

      To make you understand better, I have brought an example that shows exactly what I want to do.

      Unfortunately, this is the U.S map - each block is distinguished by "geographical role" like state, province, county, etc instead of "string".


      How can I solve this problem, could you help me out?