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    Adding filters to anti-context?

    Khoma Usire



      I have two filters in a sheet:


      Filtering by Top 10 Companies by Investments Sum.

      Date only 2015.


      What that does is show me which of the Top 10 Investing Companies have done stuff in 2015.

      But what I would like is the reverse - see who are the top 10 Investing Companies OUT OF those doing stuff in 2015.


      I know adding Date filter to context would prioritise it, but I'm hoping someone will suggest a better way than prioritising over 40 filters across my 19 sheets.



      May your weekend come soon,



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          Okechukwu Ossai

          Hi Khoma,

          Without seeing a sample dataset, I've mocked up something using Sample Superstore data.


          The question I seek to answer is 'who are the top 10 customers OUT OF those who ordered products in 2015?'


          Right click on the Date field and select Create -> Set


          Put [Date Selector] on the filter shelf. Select 'In' to show only 2015 dates and 'Out' to show other dates.


          Create calculated field [Top 10 Customers]

          RANK(SUM([Sales])) <= 10

          Add this to the filter shelf and set to True. This is a table calculation and should be computed using 'Table Down'





          Hope this helps.


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            Khoma Usire

            Thank you for your answer! It is certainly another way to create special sets for each chart. Can you please also think of a way to make those sets dynamic? Meaning the user will also want to see the top 10 out of any year or any month?


            All best,