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    How to include an aggregated date measure in the format hh:mm:ss


      I have a table that sums or averages a few different measure and I have been trying to adjust two of those to display in hh:mm:ss format. Currently they are average minutes displayed as decimals, example: 1.75 which equals 1 minute and 45 seconds. There are many resources in the forum that explain how to convert the data to hh:mm:ss. I have been able to display the values by "pulling out" the seconds, minutes, and hours and then putting them back together in the format that I need. I run into a problem when I try to include the hh:mm:ss formatted measure into the table. Tableau will not allow me to drop it into the measure values shelf. Below I have screen grabs of the table w/ the original values and a screen grab of the correctly formatted data. I would like to be able to put the dates in wide form right under the "Abandon Calls" row.  Any help would be appreciated!